Who I am

Over the past 2 years my went from being single, working in bars and night clubs, living on my own, trying to finished school in a half-assed manner, and basically doing as little in terms of moving my life forward as possible, to being a wife, mom of 4, and entrepreneur. I made this dramatic shift when I met the man that would become my future husband and best friend, Leo. My life being what it is, and me being who I am, I jumped in to my new situation with excitement and curiosity. I've learned a lot from each one of my kids, my husband, my new family and my old family and, although I will never try to claim I am an expert, I like to think I have some knowledge to share, especially with other women who find themselves in a similar situation, or better yet, any situation where they are ready to jump in with both feet and look back later.

I also enjoy a whole plethora of hobbies, blogging now being one of them. I find my attentions bounce from one thing to another long enough to figure things out, develop some skills, and then move on. Some of the activities I have dabbled in include: scuba diving, sign language, short story writing, acting, vehicle maintenance, couponing, construction, interior design, architecture, sketching, drawing, pottery, ceramics painting, reading, sewing, crafting, DIY-ing, wire wrapping, jewellery making, rag rugs, wicca, fishing, hiking, geo-caching, rock climbing, bowling, pool (although admittedly not enough to be any good), swimming, rock collecting, gardening, acrylic nails, nail art, ear candling, waxing, gardening, cooking, sushi making, and massage. I would love suggestions for other hobbies you want me to review, I'm always interested in trying something new.

Thank you for stopping by my little section of the great giant world wide web. Hopefully you find some of the stuff I'm writing about interesting. Maybe you will even come back later to read some more... who knows! I'm just happy to share my little story, and document it so that when I'm old and grey and don't remember anything anymore I can look back on this and show my great-grand-kids and then they'll believe me that, yes, grandma did do all those things she talks about...