Definately NOT Shameless Marketing

I am definitely NOT trying to use this blog as a way to promote my business, but I would be silly not to mention my business and what I do. My company is called 'Precision Drafting' and I am, as of April 2015, in the start up phase. I'm hoping everything will be set so that I can start taking jobs early next month.

My company does architectural drawings for small contractors in the Windsor, Ontario area. I started the company initially because it was easier than finding work that would let me stay home with my one year old and move my career forward, since I only graduated 1 year ago.

Once my website's up and running I'll add a link to it here, and once my logo is set I'll also post it here. Basically, as I get things in place I will keep updating this page. If you are interesting in small businesses and the process of starting a business in Canada you might want to keep checking back here because I will basically be chronicling the process.

... I know eh, how typical? A new mom-preneur, who has a rather vague mommy-blog. Oh man, my teenaged-self would hate me! LoL