Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back into the Swing of Things

This past week was the first week since I was accepted into the SEA Program, a program that helps people start their own business by providing mentoring, guidance, and a very intense 4 weeks of classes.

In order to be accepted into the program I first had to take 4 classes about writing what they call a "Business Concept Proposal" (BCP). A BCP is basically a condensed, preliminary version of a business plan. This is then reviewed by a committee who decides if your business idea meets programs requirements and is a viable business idea. 

Once you're accepted into the program you get 4 weeks of business training in things like marketing, law, accounting, sales, and book keeping. The objective of the classes is to help you polish and prepare your business plan. By the end of the 4 weeks your business is expected to be up and running. 

I am starting an architectural drafting company called 'Precision Drafting'. I recently graduated from the architectural technology program at St Clair College and was having problems finding a job with my limited experience. I was also having trouble finding day care services for Cameron that didn't cost pretty much all the money I would be making had I found a job. When I heard about the SEA Program I figured this was a great way to gain some experience and be able to stay home with Cameron, at least until he starts school. 

So far the planning part has been going well. I'm almost ready to register my business, I just have to finalize the name by making sure its not being used by another business with in my market. I already know the name is being used in other countries, and I am not panning on doing business over there but I want to make sure they aren't doing business over here as well, just to be safe.

Making everything work at home has been another story. Leo is used to me being home, taking care of things. Me working means that, for now, we see each other very little and neither of us have much down time. Tonight we were excited to spend the evening together but Leo's already fallen asleep... And I can't blame him.

There have been a lot of challenges that we weren't expecting throughout this adjustment. We are having to re-define our roles and responsibilities, and without much time to talk about things there have definitely been some stumbles along the way. 

My husband's un-ending support continues to amaze me. Having someone willing to work as hard as he needs to so that we can having the kind of future we both want is such a welcome change from some of my past relationships. I know I don't tell him enough, but he's my biggest, and most effective source of motivation quite frequently. 

Having Cameron has also been a great motivator. I want him to see his mommy and daddy make and attain goals. I think it's an important lesson in work ethic for kids to see their parents working hard, no matter what they're working hard at. Kids emulate their parents so better to have good habits for them to adapt. 

Besides giving him good role models, I want to be able to give him a life without worrying about money or if the bills are going to get paid. Even though family budgets and bill paying are 2 things I think all kids should be taught, I don't think they should have to worry about any of that stuff. 

*Yawn*... well I should stop playing around here, I've got lots of work to get done and it's getting late. Night Night